VIGORPOOL Portable Captain 1200

Vigorpool Power Station

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VIGORPOOL Portable Power Station Captain 1200

Vigorpool's Captain 1200 PowerStation can power up to 12 devices simultaneously while meeting your expectations for mobile energy storage outdoors or at home.

Its large 1280Wh capacity and 1200W output power (Intelligent stepped power system up to 1800W for resistive devices) significantly extend operating time and make it compatible with most common accessories (smartphone, coffee maker, TV, radio, computer, refrigerator, drone, etc.).

The Captain 1200 uses the best of Lithium with LiFePO4 cells for superior performance and longer life (3,500 cycles), while the triple-processor Battery Management System (BMS) constantly regulates and protects the internal battery and your devices.

It's also possible to parallel-couple two Captain 1200s with the optional cable (ref. 496344) to double capacity from 1280Wh to 2560Wh and output power from 1200W to 2400W. The Captain 1200 can be recharged via the mains (230V), cigarette-lighter socket (12V) and solar panel. It can be charged and discharged simultaneously.

It features an induction charger compatible with the latest generation of smartphones.

With its inverter function, it becomes indispensable at home in the event of a power cut on the grid. When connected to the mains, it doesn't use the energy reserve of the internal battery. On the other hand, in the event of a power cut, it switches automatically and instantaneously to the battery, allowing you to continue using your sensitive appliances with complete peace of mind (pellet stove, refrigerator, computer, etc.)

Equipped with 2 adjustable LED lights, it can be used as an emergency or back-up spotlight. The Vigorpool application lets you easily control and configure the Captain 1200 according to your needs.


  • Cell type: Lithium (LiFePO4)
  • Battery capacity: 1280Wh (25.6V, 50Ah)
  • Output power:
    • Rated power: 1200W (peak power 2400W)
    • Max power for resistive devices: 1800W
  • Lifetime: Over 3,500 charge cycles at 80% discharge
  • BMS protection: overtemperature protection, low-temperature protection, overload protection, short-circuit protection, overcurrent protection, battery failure protection.
  • LED’s: 2 multi-mode side lights (read, strong light, SOS and flashing)
  • Operating temperatures: -10°C to 40°C
  • Solar input: 12V-56V, 400W MAX (integrated MPPT)
  • Charge via cigarette-lighter socket: 12V/24V, 8A MAX
  • Rated power: 1200W (peak power 2400W)
  • Cigarette lighter output: 120W MAX
  • Induction charging output: 10W MAX
  • Parallel coupling: 2400W
  • Connection modes: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
  • Weight: 14.8Kg
  • Product dimensions: 395 x 240 x 280 mm
  • Includes: 230V mains charging adapter, cigarette-lighter cord for charging while driving, instructions.
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Our Buy It Now Price £1200.00

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