Vehicle Tracking Systems

SmarTrack CAT6/S7

The Smartrack CAT6/S7 tracking systems are Thatcham TQA
approved that have the latest in GPS/GPRS vehicle tracking technology. This system is monitored by a Secure Control Centre and you will be contacted if the vehicle is moved illegally. If the vehicle is stolen, the SCC will liaise with the Police to recover your vehicle.

Key Features:
• Thatcham TQA Insurance Approval for Stolen Vehicle Recovery System (TQA 214)
• Insurance discounts offered by most insurance companies
• 24/7, 365 days a year monitoring via a control centre
• Connection into vehicle alarm system
• Secure password protected Web Portal
• Secure Call Centre monitoring 24 hours a day—365 days a year
• Internal rechargeable battery back up battery
• Small compact covert black box
• Notifications include: Illegal movement, Low battery and
disconnection, alarm trigger.
• 3 year warranty. (Extendable to 12 years –additional fees
• Free downloadable GTP mobile APP for smartphone


• £12.49: A month including VAT
• £149: Annual subscription including VAT
• £249: 2 years including VAT
• £339: 3 years including VAT
• £499: Duration of vehicle ownership including VAT

Optional : - Remote immobilisation
Remotely immobilize your motor home when the vehicle is stationary,
either via the APP or by the secure call centre for extra piece of mind
and vehicle security.

SmarTrack S5 / SmarTrack S5+

Insurance Approved SmarTrack CAT5+ system benefits from a unique wireless Bluetooth card paired to the tracking device. If this card is not present, the system sends an alarm when the motor home is driven away. The monitoring centre will then attempt to call the driver or owner to verify if there is a theft situation, and if so, track the motor home.

This process is designed to address 'key theft' and ensures that the police are notified at the earliest opportunity.
The engine can be prevented from starting by a remote command from the monitoring centre. Just under a half a million vehicle-related thefts were reported last year*.

There is a solution - fit a SmarTrack GPS Tracking unit to your vehicle. In the event of your motor home being stolen, we'll help find it, where the key to recovery is speed...
SmarTrack deploys the latest GPS Stolen Vehicle Tracking technology to locate and track your vehicle, liaise with the police and recover your vehicle in the shortest possible time.
SmarTrack, once activated, pinpoints the location of a stolen vehicle every 20 seconds. If your vehicle is moved illegally we locate
it using the Global Positioning System

Key Features:

• Endorsed by all Police authorities
• Protects against unauthorised movement
• Insurance approved - may reduce premiums
• Pan-European Cover as standard
• Meets The British Insurance Industry’s Quality
• Leading edge GPS tracking and integrated Motion Sensor
• Operational 24 hours a day, 365 days a year via the Global
Telemetrics Control Centre
• Recovery of assets from as little as 6 minutes
• TQA Cat5 approved
• 3 year warranty


• £16.99: A month including VAT
• £199: Annual subscription including VAT
• £329: 2 years including VAT
• £429: 3 years including VAT
• £699: Duration of vehicle ownership including VAT

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