Meet the Motorhome Supplies Team

Motorhome Supplies

Welcome to the Motorhome Supplies team.

We’re a family business with a straightforward vision ‘Where Quality Counts’.

With this in mind, we always offer friendly, honest, and reliable advice. The whole team has a passion for providing advice and support, that customers can count on. Every member of the team has a leisure vehicle, of their own and we are always happy to offer help and advice…..

Our family network has quickly expanded over the past six months...

Sam Cooper - Owner

Tim Cooper - Owner

Mark - Install Specialist

Sam and Tim are the owners of the company. Sam has been in the industry for over 6 years and assumes the role of product, sales, and office lead. Tim has run his own carpet, upholstery, and driveway cleaning business for over 30 years, so is no stranger to hard work. Tim’s passion for the industry come from owning his own Motorhome and applying his knowledge of running a successful business. Tim & Sam both attend all the exhibitions and outdoor shows, offering quality advice.

Al - Install Specialist

Dawn - Sales Adviser

Chantel - Sales Adviser

Mark and Al are technicians/installation engineers. Both have a background in mechanics and over the years have worked on many vehicles. They both own motorhomes and have a comprehensive knowledge when it comes to the abilities and requirements of all leisure vehicle. In Mark’s free time, he has a passion for motorbikes and own’s a TVR, which he is restoring. Al also owns a small recovery business, so is often seen at the side of the road picking up broken down vehicles (including Motorhomes and Caravans).

Dawn and Chantel joined the team in 2023 working part-time as sales advisers, their knowledge of the products, is growing day by day. You will see them at the large exhibitions we attend.

What we bring to the table...

We’ve all had an amazing and stressful journey getting to where we are today, and we still have a lot further to go. We are 100% confident that we can provide all our customers with a professional experience and sound advice, when choosing accessories for their Motorhomes, Caravans, and Horseboxes. The team have extensive skills in the following areas:

  • Providing quality advice, when purchasing accessories for your vehicle.
  • Offering advice when considering future installations.
  • Installing produces, with a professional and considerate approach.
  • Giving you, as our customer, the best possible experience when working with us.