LIONTRON Lithium LifePO4 Batteries

Full lead acid battery replacement

Under the Seat Battery 12,8V 150Ah

Standard Battery 12,8V 100Ah / 150Ah / 200Ah

5 Year Guarantee

Maximum Life

Safe Lithium Technology

More Energy per Kilogram

  • Integrated Battery Management System (BMS)
  • High Performance/Storage
  • Direct 1 to 1 Replacement for lead-acid batteries without changing the charging/discharging technology
  • Very High Weight Saving
  • Low Self-Discharge and Maintenance Free
  • Fast and efficient charge and discharge
  • Maximum life and high cycle resistance
  • Absolutely safe lithium technology
  • Battery opens for easy service and repair

App for Android and iOS Smartphones & Tablets Battery Status always in view

Battery Type

Data Sheet

Technical Data


100Ah  Standard


150Ah  Standard


200Ah  Standard


150Ah Under Seat


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