Indel B 12V Roof Mounted Air Conditioning Unit

Indel B 12v Air Conditioning Unit

The FIRST Air Conditioner that Operates on 12V!

A unique 12V roof mounted air conditioner designed for use in campervans, motorhomes, and van conversions up to 6 meters. This air conditioner is ideal for cooling and dehumidifying the sleeping area of a vehicle, rather than the entire vehicle as with traditional AC air conditioning units. It can also be used in the sleeping areas of larger vehicles that do not exceed 9m3 in size.

This Plein-Aircon unit kicks out an impressive 1200W of output and is recommended to use with a minimum of 150AH leisure battery. For those visiting campsites with access to mains power, a 220V Smart Switch can be easily added to this unit (see product code 32602). Once the switch is fitted and the vehicle is plugged into mains, the unit will automatically switch to operating from mains power.

We recommend the user cools the sleeping area of their vehicle with the unit on full power for approximately an hour, then the air conditioner can be turned down to a lower setting to maintain a comfortable sleeping temperature. The unit also has a ventilation mode which enables fresh air to be generated.


  • Compressor: Direct current single compressorInput voltage: 12V DC (Optional 115V-230V
  •  Smart Switch power supply)Refrigerant gas: R134A
  • Cooling capacity: 1200 Watt (max)
  • Power consumption 12V* 16 amp/h (auto) / 42 amp/h (max)
  • Dimension external unit: (HxWxD) 246 x 720 x 800mm
  • Dimensions roof cut-out: (WxD) 400 x 400mm
  • Roof thickness: 30-70 mmNumber air vents: 2 (front/rear)
  • Number of blower speeds: 3 + autoAir flow: 350m3/h
  • Remote control: IncludedTimer: Yes
  • Battery protection: Yes
  • Starting current: Very low starting current
  • Soft start function: Yes
  • Interchangeable internal filters: Yes
  • Test marks: E-mark / EMC at 32°C ambient temperature (internal and external)

The output is 1200W and it's not designed to cool the entire van but specifically to cool the sleeping area.

This system should be fitted with its own battery bank, ideally Lithium batteries around 150ah. At full power it'll use 42A, so the user would typically fire the Air Con up for say an hour and then drop the setting to a lower level, once a sensible temperature has been reached.

It also has a ventilator setting (1.5A) and can be also used on mains (if the Smart Switch is bought alongside the main unit).

OUR PRICE:   £2,100.00 including Fitting

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