Choosing Solar Panels for Your Motorhome

Motorhome Solar Panels

When it comes to choosing solar panels for your Motorhomes or Caravan, choosing the correct size and power system is crucial. The bespoke kit you choose will depend on factors such as:

  • How much space you have on your roof.
  • The electrical appliances & accessories you plan to use.
  • The time of year you will be using the appliances & accessories.

For instance, if you only go on day trips and seldom camp off-grid, a simple solar panel and leisure battery system, such as a 100- 115Watt rigid panel kit should suffice.

However, if you plan to go off-grid for extended periods, you'll need a larger more bespoke solar panel system to meet your power needs. The size of the solar panel is often determined by the available space on your Caravan or Motorhome, which can be limited. For this reason, finding the ideal size for your solar panel set up is crucial.

At Motorhome Supplies we offer a bespoke solar panel system to suit your motorhoming needs and are designed to provide power when off-grid. To get the best results from your solar panels set up, we recommend fitting as many solar panels as possible on the roof and storing as much watt hours in your batteries as possible. This way, you can run off solar power during the day and use the stored power at night.

Will a solar panel charge a leisure battery?

Power generated by solar panels is DC or Direct Current, this is compatible with your leisure battery and will charge it with no problems. If you connect the solar panel with an MPPT regulator controller this will charge the battery, more efficiently helping to prolong the life of your battery.

When your Batteries are full?

When solar panels kits are connected to a battery, the solar panel will charge the battery during the day, when there is sunlight. When your battery is full the solar panel system will continue to put through energy, however it will have nowhere to go so some system automatically shut off. If you have an MPPT (maximum power point tracking) these regulators optimise the charging of the battery by continuing to supply power to the battery however at a lower voltage, this helps to prevent the system from wasting the excess energy created by your solar panels

Do solar panels work in rain and bad weather conditions?

Solar panels do work in bad weather, however the amount of electricity they are able to produce can be reduced dramatically. It all depends on how much clear sunlight the solar panels on your motorhome receive during the breaks in the bad weather.  Rain is actually good for solar panels because it can help clear off the dust and other rubbish they may have collected over time, and this can help restore some of their efficiency.

Solar Panels on a Motorhome?

Installing solar panels to your motorhome or campervan can be a worthwhile investment. During day light and sunny periods, it will keep your battery charged during usage and will refill/trickle feed a battery that has been used. Keeping your motorhome battery charged using solar panels is a good idea and can help the battery stay in good condition and prolong the battery life.

How to work out your solar panel power requirements

This is entirely dependent on your battery size, usage, and roof space requirements.

Divide the power of the panels Wattage by 12 and that will give the panels amps per hour.

e.g. 120 Watt panel will provide 10 amps per hour.

However, this is a theoretical answer – If everything were to be 100% efficient.

In practice there are so many variables, NO company can guarantee results.

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