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Some customers ask us what a levelling system is and why they might need one for their motorhome.  Well hopefully this post will answer of those questions.

Levelling your motorhome is important for a number of reasons:

Firstly a level motorhome is more comfortable to live in as it provides a stable, level surface to walk on, and eliminates the feeling of being constantly tilted to one side. A levelling system can also help to stabilise your motorhome in windy weather.

Next an unlevel motorhome can cause appliances such as refrigerators and stoves to develop faults or not work at all. It can also lead to objects falling or sliding around which ideally you want to avoid!  Changing a wheel, or fitting snow chains suddenly become hassle free with the HPC system.

Also parking your motorhome on uneven ground can cause damage to the frame, suspension, and tyres over time, which can each be very expensive to put right.

To manually level your motorhome, you can use levelling blocks, which are placed under the wheels on the low side of the vehicle. You can also adjust the jacks or stabilizers on your motorhome to level it. It's important to use a spirit level or an electronic level to ensure that your motorhome is level in both directions.

However an auto-levelling system is a far more accurate, quick and safe solution for levelling your motorhome. It uses sensors to detect the level of the motorhome and automatically adjusts the jacks or stabilizers to level it. This system saves time and eliminates the need for manual adjustments. 

The installation process involves:

  • Installing the sensors: The sensors are the most critical part of the auto-levelling system. They are typically installed on the motorhome's suspension or frame and measure the angle of the motorhome. The sensors are connected to a control unit, which processes the data and sends signals to the jacks or stabilizers.
  • Installing the jacks or stabilizers: The jacks or stabilizers are installed on the motorhome's chassis and are controlled by the control unit. They automatically adjust to level the motorhome when the sensors detect that it's not level.
  • Wiring and testing: The wiring for the auto-leveling system is installed and connected to the battery and control unit. The system is then tested to ensure that it's working properly.

At Motorhome Supplies, we supply and install the HPC Automatic Motorhome Self Levelling System, the UK's leading brand.  

The HPC automatic self levelling system levels your motorhome in under 90 seconds.  You can select from 4 different levelling positions (level1, level2, tank drain, and stabilise) using the simple to use touch-screen control panel or via the smart phone app.

Take a look at all of the features via the link above.

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