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At Motorhome Supplies we get asked frequently what is autoskew and does my satellite system need it?

Satellite Autoskew is a feature of satellite antennas that automatically adjust the skew angle of the antenna to optimize signal reception. Skew angle refers to the angle at which the antenna is pointed towards the satellite, and it can affect the quality and strength of the signal received by the antenna.

Satellite autoskew works by using a motorized mechanism that rotates the antenna to adjust the skew angle based on the satellite's location in the sky. The mechanism is usually controlled by a computer or controller that receives information about the satellite's position from a GPS or other satellite tracking system.

By automatically adjusting the skew angle, satellite autoskew can help to maintain a strong and stable signal even as the satellite moves across the sky. This is particularly useful for satellite antennas used in mobile or portable applications, such as in motorhomes or boats, where the antenna may need to be repositioned frequently to maintain optimal signal reception.

We think it's an essential feature for any motorhome satellite system and that is why we insist on it with all of the systems we supply.  Take a look now at the market leading Oyster Satellite dishes we supply.

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