Air suspension for motorhome

What are the benefits of Air Suspension kits?

Motorhome Air Suspension is becoming increasingly popular for all kinds of Motorhomes. Most of the issues with suspension on a Motorhome are due to the rear suspension setup.

Due to the increase in Motorhomes with rear garages and the stress this puts on the rear suspension, when the garage is full of equipment, it can cause the vehicle to sag.

Standard shocks and springs are designed and installed to carry fixed weight, but air suspension can be raised and lowered to accommodate different weights and will alleviate the sag to the rear of the Motorhome, providing a smoother ride.

Standard Leaf Air Suspension kit
ALKO Air Suspension Kit

Air suspension kits come with an integral air compressor and a control panel fitted to the dashboard, giving you the option to harden or soften your ride, or raise or lower the height as needed.

We supply and install kits for leaf spring converted van chassis, ALKO single axle chassis and ALKO tag axle chassis.  Take a look at our Air Suspension kits now...


  • Increased stability
  • Reduced sensitivity to wind
  • Significantly improved road holding
  • Maintenance of correct braking pressure
  • Less tyre wear

For all of these benefits and reasons we believe our Air Suspension kits can be a very good investment.  Call us for more advice and to see if our kits would be the right purchase for your specific needs.

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